Financial Software

As our Financial Software package for microfinances, we give out Smartfinance which is a cross platform Accounting and Finance Management System. Smartfinance is designed for Banks, Credit Unions, SACCOs, Village Savings Groups, Village Lending Groups, Financial Cooperatives.

Smartfinance can be deployed in any environment be it cloud or on-premise; online or offline; mobile or PC. It can be adapted to support any type of organization, delivery channel, product, service, or methodology. It is easily deployable, flexible, extendable and scalable.

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Website Design and Hosting

Professionalism is our standard at Skylabase. We offer effective and responsive web design services as per our customer’s needs. We provide you with a website that matches the needs of your audience and helps you build your reputation online.Read More »

Computer Networks and Security Systems

We provide secured wireless Internet connectivity to communities which are victims of little or no Internet connection. We also provide connectivity to student communities at a very affordable cost to enable them pay less and have more for research and other academic demands.Read More »

ICT Training and Consulting

We provide concise but affordable ICT trainings in order to create an ICT empowered generation which can create jobs for themselves using technology as an enabling tool. We also provide expert guidance on how Information Technology can be incorporated into businesses to better achieve desired goals.Read More »